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Meet the Visionaries Behind Our Digital Revolution: A Diverse Team of Experts Committed to Driving Innovation and Excellence in Every Project.

James Sheridan

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Jillian French



Featured Coaches

Meet the Visionaries Behind Our Digital Revolution: A Diverse Team of Experts Committed to Driving Innovation and Excellence in Every Project.

Heath Dorn

Founder & Transformation Coach

Heath is an experienced transformation leader and Enterprise Agile/DevOps Coach with an established track record of improving operational and financial results via Agile/DevOps transformations, hands-on Agile Coaching, and Organization Change Management. Heath is fluent in the languages of culture, processes, and technology. 

Licences & Certificates

  • DevOps Institute Ambassador
  • Scaled Agile Certified Program Consultant 
  • Jenkins Continuous Integration Open-Source Project

Heath's Successes

  • Hosted first ever AI/ML/RPA Conference for T-Mobile
  • Facilitated All Day DevOps with Chief Software officer of the Airforce/SpaceForce with 30,000 attendees 
  • Delivered U.S. Bank's iOS iPhone app in 9 months with customer recieving Digital Banker of the Year
  • Lead Digital Transformation effort at T-Mobile with implementation of customer journey teams
  • SpaceForce: Replaced 40 year old SDA System called SpaDoc 
    • SpaDoc replaced with ATLAS to increase the speed of processing and integrated space domain awareness data from commercial civil and military space censors 
    • SpaDoc - Space Defense Operation Center (Space Situational Awareness system est. in 1979 in North American Aerospace defense command in the Cheyenne mountain complex in CO. 
    • The Air Force last updated SpaDoc in 1989
    • The Air Force has made this 5th attempt at replacing SpaDoc

Thomas Looy

Agile Trainer

Tom’s years of experience in project management and hands-on use of the Rational Unified Process, Lean, Agile, and Theory of Constraints practices gives him a unique perspective on process effectiveness for delivering satisfying solutions to his clients.

Licences & Certificates

  • Kanban Trainer Certification
  • Certified Scrum Product Owner

Tom's Successes


Jim Elvidge

Transformation Coach and Content Contributor

Jim has had an extensive career in eCommerce, new media, cybersecurity, financial, and communications industries, with over 15 years of Agile/Lean and Transformation training and coaching. Systems thinking, org design, prioritization, cycle time optimization, innovation, and motivation are some of his coaching  strengths

Licences & Certificates:

  • Scaled Agile Certified Program Consultant 
  • Large Scale Scrum Practitioner
  • Certified Scrum Professional

Jim's Successes

  • Led a large cybersecurity company to deliver features to the market 5 times faster than before. Implemented the rollout and change management plan.
  • Established an OKR program to help the entire organization achieve alignment on priorities.

  • Led the SAFe rollout to 150 teams at a S&P 100 software company to achieve consistency, transparency, and effective planning and dependency management.

  • Demonstrated 30% greater value delivery through moderate org redesign.

  • Created and rolled out metrics and continuous improvement program for a 500+ person dev org.

Rik Dryfoos

Transformation Coach and Content Contributor

Rik is a digital transformation and product management leader with 15+ years in agile and lean software development. Specializing in spearheading major agile transformations, he has significantly enhanced product release cycles and quality across the technology sector. 

Licences & Certificates

  • Certified Scrum Professional (CSP-SM & CSP-PO), 
  • SAFe Practice Consultant (SPC-6.0)
  • Master Black Belt, GE Lean Six Sigma (contingent)
  • Kanban Management Professional (KMP)

Rik's Successes

  • Transformed GE Digital's Aviation team into most successful team based upon revenue (around $100M/year) and customer satisfaction as Agile Leader at GE Digital
  • Implemented a Shift-Left DevOps strategy at Renaissance Philanthropic Solution, leading to a 50% increase in release frequency

Jim Sutton

Transformation Coach

Over twenty years of experience in the product development and telecommunications fields with extensive experience in Enterprise Development, Satellite Communications, Customer Relationship Management and Long Distance Call Processing.

Licenses & Certificates

  • Chief Agile Officer - Agile Business Institute
  • Certified SAFe® 6 Practice Consultant - Scaled Agile
  • Certified Scrum Master - Scrum.org

Jim's Successes

  • Saved a 3rd generation textile company from moving operations to China, via energy and operational savings

  • DSCSOC Operations NCO during cutover from failing DSCS II to DSCS III satellite

  • Helped Liberty Mutual make up five year competition gap in less than a year via the application of lean and agile principles